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:star: Indhira Candra K. // Kuro :star:


A (n ab) normal girl who likes to draw. I'm also a fujoshi and my forever OTP is GakuKai <3
If you have any question, don't be afraid to ask me~

Visit me at

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Because no one is perfect.


Free Button: Commissions Open by Mimru
:star: Commission: open! :star:

:star: Kiriban: 234876 :star:
Prize: One fullbody digital art

:bulletpurple: ART TRADE(S) OPEN

:bulletpurple: GIFT(S) FRIEND ONLY
Comment me your birthday and I'll TRY to make something when I'm free <3

:bulletpurple: COMMISSION(S) OPEN

:bulletpurple: To do list:
:bulletblue:Circle project
:bulletblue:TLBKS anthology project

Have a nice time visiting my gallery ; 7 ; I hope you like all of them.

I really appreciate all faves, comments, and watch. Thank you so much~

Because no one is perfect.


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ee hisashiburi >3< waaa tetot goldarku O kok hehehe
Sun Nov 9, 2014, 5:29 AM
kuroma ~ ohsashiburi... >w< btw goldarmu AB ya? sama dong! *pertanyaan gak penting xD
Mon Oct 27, 2014, 3:23 AM
at the same time? nooo it's closed QAQw did I say that it opens???
Thu Nov 21, 2013, 5:56 AM
Awwie your commision is open and closed at the same time? *o*;; Mabybe that explains ~>
Thu Nov 21, 2013, 5:36 AM
not always ; 7 ; yes always because nobody commiss me 8DD ahahahaha not that much actually
Fri Nov 15, 2013, 4:27 AM
Nuuuu my commissions are closed atm ;u; You're always open~ and I see so much people commission chromii \(*o*)/
Fri Nov 15, 2013, 1:28 AM
oooh you must be so popular! must be sooooo much commissioner with you unlike meeee ooh
Sun Oct 27, 2013, 4:29 AM
Aww same here xD I need to open my commission again soon lolz
Sun Oct 27, 2013, 1:58 AM
is? because I don't really put much effort to it orz I wanna make some new but mine almost expired
Thu Oct 24, 2013, 1:04 AM
b..but you just did *o* Your bgs look so awesome... I need to fix my page T_T
Wed Oct 23, 2013, 2:49 PM


Blessing by chroma-kun
Hello everyone! This is our chorus project, Blessing (originally by Halyosy) in Indonesian version, using some of our regional language including Bahasa Indonesia itself. To be honest, I'm a bit excited since this is my very first chorus project. 

We did our best, we'd be so happy if you don't mind stopping by a few minutes and watch our hard work here: 
Thanks for everyone's support~ Enjoy~

:star: Commission info :star:
Eromania: Vegas Artesian by chroma-kun
Eromania: Vegas Artesian
Full Name: Vegas Artesian
Nickname: Vegas, Ve
Gender: Male
Age: 20 years old
Race: Erote → Narcisstic Love
House: Phileo
Dorm number: Beta 2-2
Birthday: October 24
Orientation: Bisexual
Combat aid: The dice earrings is his weapon. The dice works almost like roulette, the number shown will give a combination number that will summon certain weapon. He has six swords, each represented by one number on the main dice, the secondary dice works as the number that determine the stats of the sword that is being summoned. His combat style is a typical of a sword user, could only battle in a short range, unless he throw his sword to his enemy, because he never use any weapon before.

Personality: He's a very tidy and clean person that loves to take care not only his appearance, but also his health and surrounding's cleanliness. He would always stop and stare into a mirror when he saw one, he would spend a couple of minutes looking at his shadow and tidy himself. Even so, he's a very kind and caring person towards the other, he almost never ignore anyone unless he's too focused on the mirror. Sometimes a narcisstic person. He used to be the total opposite and he hates it when he had to remember those dark days when he let himself looked like a trash, literally. 

Biography: He was once got bullied because he's an albino, that is a very rare being, that makes him looks so different from normal human. And thus, he got very depressed every time he got insulted just because of his look, avoiding people, and even holding grudge towards everyone including his own family because they also hated the innocent child. His parents never took care of Vegas, but still feeding him even if not with some decent food. Everyone in the village hated him as much, the elder would glare at him with disgust and the children would hit or mock him straightly whenever they see him. Not a single child happiness he experienced. 

Living his young and long days with his hatred, he never believed about love and affection because it doesn't exist in his life. He already gave up in living. Until one day a kind man came, helped him after getting beaten up by the boys. Then he took care of Vegas, treating his wound as he slowly told Vegas lots of stuffs about the world, how beautiful it is actually, as how beautiful he sees Vegas' white hair, even if there are so many stain that tainted the world, it still has a lot of beautiful spot to stay. Vegas then slowly opened his heart, once again trying to accept the world, once again struggling so that the world would accept him. He started to look after himself more and would never surrender to the bullying he experienced.

From the point on, he will stand against the bullying and one day he got a letter along with a weird potion. He read it, thinking that it was another prank done by the people but nevertheless, he drank it out of curiosity. Then slowly, he felt a piercing pain on his back. He had to bear the undergoing painful change in his body. Getting used to those bullying, he already got used in experiencing and bearing pain. To find that the result of those excruciating is a pair of beautiful white wings and an invitation that turned out to be not just a joke, he decided to attend the academy, passionately, for the Goddess' sake that has helped him getting out from the deep darkness. For the man's sake who helped him, he's going to see the world by his very eyes, finding those beautiful spots, and make the tainted spot as beautiful as it were.

:bulletred: mirror (himself)
:bulletred: cleanliness, beauty, kindness
:bulletred: spicy food
:bulletred: animals, but they somehow hate him

:bulletred: too much sweets
:bulletred: bullying
:bulletred: insects
:bulletred: getting pitied/looked down

Strengths: tba
Weaknesses: tba


I tried my best, now time to roll back to the piling up tasks. Sorry if there are lots of grammar mistakes and all. I'm not really experienced in writing in English, so please help me too! Thank youuu ^q^
For :iconeromania:
PN: fresh from the oven by chroma-kun
PN: fresh from the oven
idk what's with the title but well, the art is indeed fresh, unlike before which usually older art scheduled to post later on, and... They're indeed having new looks.

Naya ga lagi poni belah while reno (katanya) jadi om-om /nangis/ balik ke model rambut awal meski kependekan. Sorry Idk how to explain the stuff in English oh well...

I'm practicing semi-realism again, this is my second try and well... pretty happy at the result moreover they're face detected /laughs/

ReNay (c) :iconchroma-kun: & :iconnekuhikari:

:star: Commission info :star:
PN: Memory of You by chroma-kun
PN: Memory of You
A random doodle that ended up become a very serious piece. Done using grayscale technique and I promise I won't use this again, it's so hard hahaha.

Anyway, my OC again, Reno and Sekar. I'm pretty happy myself about the outcome tho I do think some part very lack of shading effort hahaha. Enjoy ^u^)/

:star: Commission info :star:
Greetings everyone! I'm currently opening commission and if you're interested, please click the journal below to see the details. I do both digital and traditional art.
Commission: OPENStatus: OPEN

Make sure you've read all of the rules before commissioning me.
1. Only for personal use. You may upload my work but remember to credit and link back. Do not claim my work as yours. Do not remove my copyright. You're not allowed to reprint/resell/alter my works.
2. Currency is USD and or IDR (via bank). Please kindly pay the paypal fee for me. 1 USD = 100 Points why? Because I ask those who use paypal to pay the fee, to make everything quite fair.
3. Do not send the payment until I ask you to. I might add additional fee depends on difficulty. Original HQ file will be sent via note.
4. Do not rush me, please wait patiently. I have real life business as well.
5. You may request for multiple pieces. Unlimited piece per slot.
6. I might change the type if I feel like I can't do it, for example your request was to draw fullbody, but then I change it to waist u

Here are some of my samples. You may visit my gallery for more sample, or visit my instagram to view my latest artwork at kkromao. 

PN: National Batik Day! by chroma-kun PN: Bloom by chroma-kun Sword Of Drossel by chroma-kun PN: GP2: Reno - WIT by chroma-kun CONNECTING by chroma-kunRegrets by chroma-kunContradictory by chroma-kun

If you're interested, just comment here or note me straightly. If you have LINE account, you may go there and contact me there at chromad because it's easier for me to access.
Thank you in advance! 


chroma-kun has started a donation pool!
7 / 1,000
I would really appreciate donations <3

Free Button: Commissions Open by Mimru

Thanks eue

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    Donated Dec 3, 2014, 12:03:16 AM

Do you know Touken Ranbu? Who is your fave sword and why? 

2 deviants said Kogitsunemaru
2 deviants said Nakigitsune
1 deviant said Mikazuki Munechika
1 deviant said Tsurumaru
1 deviant said Shokudaikiri Mitsutada
1 deviant said Horikawa Kunihiro
No deviants said Hotarumaru
No deviants said Izuminokami Kanesada
No deviants said Ichigo Hitofuri
No deviants said Others (please comment)


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